The craze of sports increased in the era of Olympics, not only the player, you can also make this career

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In the world of sports, not only as a player, one can make a career in many ways. From childhood till growing up and even after that, everyone has been interested in some sport or the other.

Students who are busy throughout the day in sports are told that instead of focusing on studies, they can make a good career. But now schools also promote students for sports along with studies. Now new dimensions of career are developing in the world of sports. Know from Sumit Saurabh, career consultant and director of Design Circle, what are the possibilities of making a career in the field of sports.

Indian players have earned a lot of name in the recent Olympic Games. Along with this, there is a lot of talk about career prospects in the sports world as a career option. In the world of sports, not only as a player, but in many other ways can also be associated in many ways. From childhood till growing up and even after that, everyone has been interested in some sport or the other.

Many have an interest in sports since childhood. If you are also one of those who want to make a career in sports, then you can get opportunities in many fields in this field. Here you can get good job along with good salary. Due to the variety of matches and competitions taking place on a daily basis at the national and international level, career, glamor and good position everything is possible for sports, sportspersons and people associated with it. Due to the increasing scope in sports, today different types of careers and work are coming out in it. Let’s know some of these areas…

Sports photography

A sports photographer captures moments during or after a sports event, a team or an athlete’s performance. You can also work in this field as a freelancer and can also get work with a team. In this way you can make your photo available to various publications or newspapers.

Photography is an onfield career. For this you should have some special qualities. For this, passion with training for photography is necessary, you should have the mental and physical speed to capture the important moment and capture it in the camera, having an inclination towards sports is the basic requirement.

Sports Journalism:

His name is counted among the few sports journalists for conveying stories from the cricket world to us during the game and outside the game. If you like to write or commentary for sports competitions, then this field of sports world is definitely made for you. For this, you should also have some skills – have special skills in interviewing, have sharp writing ability, have good knowledge of sports.

Career in Sports Management

Some students like entertainment along with sports, so they can make a career in the field like sports management. Nowadays there are many such big sports events, in which the role of sports manager is very important. Sports management includes advertising, security audiences, etc.

career in fitness expert

A sports person is no less than an athlete and he can take advantage of this quality as a fitness expert in a fitness center or health club. In this fast-paced life, everyone wants to be fit, due to which fitness experts can also have a good career.

sports coach

It is known to all that behind a good player lies the hard work of his coach. Ace sports coach not only gives instructions to the player, he also becomes a support for him. Creates training program as per the requirement of the player. You can take a degree in sports coaching, sports management or sports science. For this, some skills should also be in your personality. You should come up with a strategy and ways to implement it, patience is needed in the work. There should also be skill in how to motivate the front, one should also be skilled in team building.


Sports is such a field, where if you have passion for sports and due to any reason you could not succeed as a player, then you can become a sports commentator. Not only cricket but other sports also require a commentator and there is a good career scope ahead in the field as well.

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