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A Model School having infrastructure and facilities of the same standard as in a Kendriya Vidyalaya will be open in every educationally backward block of the state,some of the key features of the model school will be:

  • To provide holistic education and to aim at the all round development of the child
  • Even the existing schools may be converted into model schools
  • Model school will have necessary infrastructure not only for satisfying teaching needs but also for sports and co-curricular activities
  • Model School will consist of play ground, gardens, auditorium etc
  • Activity based learning will be encoureged
  • The School will have adequate ICT infrastructure, internet connections and full time computer teachers
  • The Teacher pupil ratio should not exceed 1:25 and classroom strength not be more than 40 student
  • To create facility for activity, Art and music teachers will also be provided
  • Health Education & health check up will be introduced in model schools
  • Educational tours & field tips should be an integral part of the curriculum in these Schools

Set up of model Schools

  • These will be brand new schools for class 6-12
  • The state govt will provide land for setting up of schools whereever required
  • These schools will be established in educationally backward blocks and priority will will be given to schedule v areas
  • Construction will be through the state societies that will manage these schools and therefore state share towards capital cost will have to be credited to these societies
  • Appropriate monitoring committee will be set up by the state govt. at block, district and state level monitoring committee will also have members from central govt.
  • The centrals share for the construction of 680 (one at every EBB block) schools under state govt. of uttarpradesh will be released to state societies(UPRMSA) UPMSA 18,park road lucknow
  • state govt wil also release their share to the implementing society with in one month of release of central share

Detailed guid line and progress in scheme is attached bellow.